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We live in a world driven by experiences. As consumers, we want to live engaging experiences with brands, products and services, and share them with everyone who wants to know, learn and talk about it. That´s why we've created the new eCGlobal: a place made for consumers all over the world to collaborate, express their opinions, share experiences with each other and also with companies who want to listen and improve their products and services.

Here in eCGlobal, you will find a place built for you, conscient consumer. A social network where you can find and collaborate with other people with experiences and interests similar to yours, in order to build a sustainable world, with better products and services, co-created with consumers like you.

Explore our communities, share your experiences with brands, products and services and have fun with our network activities.

Terms of Use


1.1. This "Terms of Use" site eCGlobal (www.ecglobalnet.com) (the "Site") has the contractual relationship between you and eCGlobalPanel Inc. (the "eCGlobal") relating to the access and use of the Site and any other sites owned or operated by eCGlobal or its subsidiaries and / or affiliates or parent, its features, functionality or services provided through the Site (the "Services"). The eCGlobal is the interactive space for you to generate knowledge, collaborate with market-making and promote dialogue on consumption, services and products, moreover, being able to gain points and exchange certain awards.

1.2 You agree that eCGlobal shall not be liable for any claims or losses related to you and / or third parts arising from modification, suspension or discontinuance of the Service.

1.3 You are responsible for using the service, for any content that you post, and for all consequences of this post. The content you submit, post or display can be seen by other network users, and by third-party search engines and sites. You should only provide content that is owned by them and that you are comfortable to share with the other members in the terms of this document.

1.4 You can only use the services in accordance with these terms and all applicable local, national, and international laws, rules, and regulations provided.

1.5 The services offered by eCGlobalPanel Inc. are always evolving and the form and nature of the services the website provides may change fromtime to time, and such changes will be communicated on the Site. In addition, the Site may stop (permanently or temporarily) providing the Services to its registered users. If this occurs, the Eglobal will post on the website a statement in this regard.

2. Conditions of Adherence

2.1 The access to the Site is free to anyone, yet the use of the Site will only be possible to the person it registered, and who has read, understood and accepted, without qualification, these Terms of Use. If the person accessing the website disagree with any provisions of this Terms of use shall not access and use the website Services.

2.1.1 Minors may participate only with the prior written consent of parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for all acts performed by minors. Parents, guardians or legal representatives are also fully responsible if access to the webSite by minors without proper obtaining prior authorization, leaving to them the full and sole responsibility for supervising the activities and conduct of their minor under his tutelage. The eCGlobal states already expressly not have means to monitor the existence of authorization from parents, guardians or legal representatives, either, to use their services in non-compliance with this Agreement and assume no liability in such cases.

2.2 The eCGlobal reserves the right to change, add or delete any provisions of these Terms of Use, which, when it occurs, will be shown on the site's home page for a period of thirty (30) days, being the user's sole responsibility access the present Terms of Use in order to verify the changes made.

2.3 The access to the website may be made by any individual, whose minimum age to access the content of the website complies with the terms of the legislation applicable to that person.

2.4 As for the Website and the Service provided by eCGlobal, you declares on your sole responsibility, that you are not a person barred from receiving such service or access and use the website in accordance with laws or other applicable jurisdiction.

2.5 By accessing the Site eCGlobal, or other network sites, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions the user previously defined in the corresponding site. Such conditions may be changed at any time, and shall receive prior notice to users already registered. It is therefore recommended that you consult the latest version of this term regularly, which are available on the site at any time.

2.6 Your adherence to the service and active participation in our site is under these conditions. You acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and declare that you accept them without reservation.

2.7 Participant’s membership depends on the sending of the complete registration form by the user, completed by the user in the online system. The sincerity and comprehensiveness of the responses are checked in all cases. In case of any doubt, any confirmed or suspected fraud shall be grounds for end of the participant's membership by eCGlobal.

2.8 ECGlobal has the right to suspend or end your account if you do not observe the rules above, as well as to refuse any current or future use of the website and Services you the following hypothesis:

(a) if you use robots, software, methods to accumulate and / or speed points, other than those provided in this Terms of Use and Awards System, or any type of automation for points

b) if you have a suspicious behavior or some abuse is identified, until you prove that you are using the website under the Terms of Use and other requirements of it.

2.8.1. Occurring situations set forth in this item 2.8 .. above, you, in addition to suffering the sanctions set forth herein, will be subject to the discretion of eCGlobal to the loss of all points accumulated in your account.

2.9. The eCGlobal reserves the right to limit the number of points you can earn or spend a certain period of time in order to prevent fraud in the use of the website.

2.10. You are forbidden to comercialize, without limitation, your user account, any service offered through the website or product resulting from its use.

2.11. You agree to be liable for all activities arising from your account on the website.

2.12. If the activities conducted through your account implies violation of any rights of eCGlobal or third parties, eCGlobal shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to remove the entire history of your account, close your account by prohibiting use of the website and Service or take any other measure appropriate, in addition to applying the provisions of paragraph 2.8.1. above.

2.13. You can only carry one (1) register on the Site. If you do more than one registration, for the purpose of use of the website will be considered only the first Register and the others are disabled. In this case, you lose all the points you have accumulated in the entries / deactivated accounts.

2.14. By accessing the website and registering, you agree to all the terms of this document as well as the terms and conditions set forth in the "Privacy Policy" and other conditions and terms set by the website.

3. Admission of New Users

3.1 The provisions of this document will take effect from the date of the following two conditions:

(i) Receipt of this instrument through the Internet along with the participant's acceptance, by the responsible department of eCGlobal;

(ii) Reception and validation by eCGlobal the complete registration form fully completed by the participant.dasd

3.2. From the fulfillment of one of the conditions stipulated in the previous item, unless early anulation, the participant's registration shall remain in force indefinitely.

4. User Account

4.1 By entering the website, from now on the user quality / participant, must choose an ID and a password, which can be freely chosen. This user ID number and password are strictly personal and cannot be transferred. Therefore, the participant is solely responsible for maintaining his/her password and user ID. eCGlobal® network portals allow the participant to freely change his/her password, as well as other details.

5. Your E-mail Address

5.1 When registering, the participant is asked to provide a permanent e-mail address where he/she may be contacted. The most recent address entered by the participant will be used by eCGlobal to invite him/her to network activities. The eCGlobal company cannot be held responsible for the failure to send questionnaires and e-mails due to incorrect addresses.

6. User Commitments

6.1 The participant promises to respond sincerely to polls, questionnaires, surveys, tests and opinions submitted through eCGlobal.

6.2 The participant, under its own responsibility, guarantees that (s)he will not register more than once in the eCGlobal ® network otherwise the eCGlobal cancel and / or banning all your records already made, paying you, even with all losses, damages, losses and lost profits that may cause the eCGlobal and / or third parties for the use of your registration and / or its participation in the eCGlobal network in violation of the law and / or these Terms of Use.

6.3 In the case that the participant has agreed to participate in online surveys provided by eCGlobal (s)he will be informed of existing surveys for his/her profile through an e-mail message, a SMS message (if he/she chooses this option), or when connecting to one of the sites or eCGlobal® network applications.

6.4 The participant must answer the questionnaires within the determined time for each survey.

6.5 If (s)he exceeds his/her allotted time, eCGlobal will disregard the questionnaire

6.6 The participant promises to update the relevant information in his/her personal profile (age, civil status, line of work, income level, etc.) using the interface available on the eCGlobal ® network, as well as any major changes (for example: civil status, career, changes related to the birth of a child, etc.).

6.7 As a member of the eCGlobal® network, the user may have access to confidential information as part of the activities in which (s)he participates. Activities may include, but are not limited to, media content, unique techniques, sketches, drawings, or new products. In order to protect the integrity and confidentiality of our clients’ research, it is a condition of entry that you agree not to disclose any information contained in surveys and to not copy or distribute any graphics or other activity content. Please, be aware that legal action may and will be taken in case of any material is stolen or disclosed without authorization.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 Os materiais nos sites da eCGlobal, exceto todo o seu conteúdo na qualidade de usuário/participante (como definido acima), incluindo, sem limitação, os textos, software, scripts, gráficos, fotos, sons, músicas, vídeos, características interativas e afins ('Materiais') e as marcas comerciais, marcas de serviço e logos ali contidos ('Marcas'), são de propriedade ou licenciados para a eCGlobal, sujeito a direitos autorais e outros direitos de propriedade intelectual do Brasil, Estados Unidos, leis estrangeiras e convenções internacionais.

7.2 Materials on the site are provided for your information and personal use, and cannot be used, copied, reproduced, distributed, transmitted, displayed, sold, licensed, or otherwise exploited for any other purpose without the prior written consent of their respective owners. eCGlobal reserves all rights not expressly granted to the site and the materials available.

7.3 You agree not to participate in the use, copying or distribution of any materials, except as expressly permitted in this document, including any use, copying or distribution of user content of third parties obtained through the website for any commercial purposes. If you download or print a copy of the materials for personal use, you must keep all copyright and other proprietary notices contained.

7.4 You agree not to defraud, disable or interfere with the security-related characteristics of the eCGlobal website, eCGlobal® network portals, or characteristics that forbid or restrict use or copying of any material, impose limitations on the use of the website or materials contained within it.

8. Awards Payment

8.1 By participating in activities / surveys / promotion / proof products and / or services offered by third parties / exclusively cultural contests and / or recreational offered by eCGlobal on their websites (the "Activities") you may be rewarded with prizes and gifts, points (the "eCPoints"), and may also receive the final result of the activity, according to the rules stablished in the document entitled "Award System" available for consultation on the website.

8.2 Upon registration, you will receive an e-mail with a confirmation link. You must click on the link to complete your registration and activate your account.

8.3 Once your account is active, we will contact you via e-mail or SMS each time a new activity or promotion is appropriate for your profile. In this e-mail or SMS, you will find the instructions that determinated activity is offering.

8.4 Generally, at least once a month, eCGlobal invite you to participate in some activity, in survey format. This participation is always voluntary and there is no penalty if you choose not to participate.

8.5 You can respond to our survey whenever you want. Most activities are completed in an average of 15 to 20 minutes. There is even the possibility of answering some questions, closing the survey, and returning to finish it later, at the same point you left off. However, eCGlobal informe that that possibility consists only in one facility, because eCGlobal recommend that you complete the questionnaire as soon as possible, because the study remains online for a limited time.

8.6. Eventualmente, a eCGlobal poderá te convidar para avaliar algum produto ou serviço. Sua participação nesse tipo de Atividade também é voluntária. Nesses casos, a eCGlobal reserva melhores incentivos/premiação com o objetivo de compensar o tempo e esforço dedicados por nossos participantes.

8.7 If the activity offered to you do not have a specific product awards, in accordance with the rule’s activity, you will earn points for participating in such activity, and these points can be exchanged for goods and / or services offered by third parties, business partnerships of eCGlobal, as stated in this document and in the document entitled "Award System", that you can get on the website.

IMPORTANT: eCGlobal informs and points out that none of their activities offer any kind of financial resources (money) to its participants and entitles a partner to state this on your behalf.

9. Access to Service

9.1 You personally must ensure the telecommunications and computer equipment necessary to access the service. You are fully responsible for any costs incurred for your Internet connection. Access to our website is totally free.

9.2 eCGlobal shall strive to offer you the best possible level of availability for the service to be accessed. However, in light of the structure of the Internet, eCGlobal do not take responsibility for interruptions or connection suspensions caused by acts of God or force majeure or other cases not entirely subject to its control, such as items of information lost, delayed, incomplete, invalid, lost or corrupted, which are disregarded.

9.3. In case of suspension of any of the services and / or activities for Internet network access problems, intervention hackers, virus, software and hardware failure, power failure or due to acts of God or force majeure or any problems which the eCGlobal has no control, will not be due any compensation to participants, given that as soon as the situation is normalized, Services and / or activities will continue.

10. Property

10.1 The eCGlobalPanel Inc. company owns the brands ecGlobalPanel®, eCGlobal® and other network participants. Any representation and / or reproduction of this site or any of its elements, in part or in whole, using any process without the express permission of the eCGlobal company, is prohibited and constitutes piracy. Users agree to respect the property rights held by the eCGlobalPanel Inc. company and others.

11. Validity

11.1. The website will be available to access for an indefinitely time.

11.2. The eCGlobal at any time and in its sole discretion, may terminate / discontinue the website and that in such circumstances without prior notice by the eCGlobal.

11.3. In the case of closure of website activities, all your accumulated points will be exchanged for a maximum period of thirty (30) days from the dispatch of the notification, on pain of loss of such points.


12.1. The eCGlobal is not liable for any damage, right or indirect loss of profits or consequential damages or any resulting fact that access to the webSite or as a result of any information or use the webSite.

12.2. If the website is indicated or suggested access to other sites that are not linked to eCGlobal must be supplied only for reference, and the eCGlobal have no control over these websites and is not responsible for the content and security reliability thereof. Thus, to access the websites mentioned, you are doing it at your own risk.

12.3. The parties agree that the messages and electronic files can be used as documentary evidence for all legal purposes, provided with confirmation of receipt of notice or otherwise acknowledging receipt of the notice.

12.4. The eCGlobal shall not be liable for the tax obligations that fall upon activities between you and partner stores eCGlobal. This way, it will require tax document of the partner shops, unless you are legally not bound to provide. The Partner Stores are companies that make available their products that may be purchased by you through use of their accumulated points, according to the rules laid down in the document entitled "Award System". These partners have separate terms and regulations regarding the use of points.

12.5. Any third party claims shall be the sole responsibility of the participant, who must take any and all legal and procedural responsibilities in relation to the complaint, exempting from of eCGlobal, its shareholders, managers and employees from any liability, expressly agreeing with the possibility of eCGlobal Name of the participant who violates this document in case of filing of any action or claim, judicial or extrajudicial, proposed by third parties against the eCGlobal or any party involved in the Services and / or the activities.

12.6. It is strictly prohibited to use systems, software and other tools or mechanical methods, automated, repetitive, programmed and / or similar that create navigational status or participation considered by eCGlobal as malpractice, unfair or that go against the objectives of the Services and / or activities. The eCGlobal may, in its sole discretion, suspend or exclude the participant in the case of suspicion or evidence that he benefited from any form of such device, although their participation is not the result of the use of such devices and / or been performed with intent to defraud the rules of the corresponding regulation activity.

12.7. You declare, for all purposes of law, it is aware that the activities developed by eCGlobal not be interpreted as any form of competition and promotion that relies on authorized public agency and / or other entities, public or proven, not fitting, therefore, any payment for it’s participation or receipt of any prize.

12.8. Occurring due to force majeure to justify and by dissemination to interested parties on eCGlobal reserves the right to amend any document and / or regulation on the corresponding activity at any time and independent of any prior authorization from anyone.

12.9. The eCGlobal reserves the right, at any time, terminate or extend it for the developed activities by giving advance notice of ten (10) days, ensuring participants the rights acquired until then, with due regard to the rules of the respective regulation.



eCGlobalPanel Inc.

Address: 409 Lenox Ave. 33139. Miami Beach, FL. USA.

Last updated on: July 2015

Privacy Policy


eCGlobalPanel Inc., ECGLOBALPANEL INC OR AFFILIATED COMPANIES, AFFILIATES OR BUSINESSES FROM THE SAME GROUP, it is in the business of marketing and general market research for over 11 years. Its head office and principal place of activity is 409, Lenox Ave -. 33139. Miami Beach, FL. USA.

2. Commitment to Privacy

This Privacy Policy applies to all information submitted by individuals by using the network of sites eCGlobalPanel Inc. and its subsidiaries / affiliates and / or the same business group, including but not limited to ecglobal.com, ecglobalnet.com, ecglobalpanel.com, and all other participating sites eCGlobal® network.

For the purposes of this privacy policy, the term 'Personal Information' includes, without limitation, name, e-mail address, sex, date of birth, civil status, education, occupation, etc., as well as professional information and consumption profile so we can direct our actions and studies in an appropriate manner towards the users’ profiles and interests. The contact information (name, e-mail, phone, etc.) can also be used to send prizes and newsletters.

When you register as a member of the eCGlobal® network, you may receive invitations to participate in surveys and promotions that we consider compatible with your profile.

Participation in surveys and contests is optional, in addition to the administration of your awards and points on your account. Periodically, we send an electronic newsletter via e-mail so you will be updated on news and the latest surveys and promotional offers.

eCGlobalPanel Inc. will only use personal information for the purpose(s) of the intended use of the website, and in no way will it be disclosed to third parts. At any time you can consult your personal information and request correction of them, if applicable.On eCGlobal ® YOUR INFORMATION’S PRIVACY AND CONFIDENTIALITY ARE BELIEVED TO BE TOP PRIORITY. WE TREAT ALL INFORMATION FROM OUR STUDIES IN AN AGGREGATED FORM, BY SEGMENTS, NOT INDIVIDUALLY. OUR MEMBERS’ PERSONAL INFORMATION ARE CONFIDENTIAL AND WILL NEVER BE PUBLISHED OR DISCLOSED TO THIRD PARTS. EXCEPT FOR JUDICIAL ORDER.

At any time you can request to shutdown your account from network of sites eCGlobalPanel Inc. through access to your profile .

3. Security

eCGlobalPanel Inc. is committed to protecting the security and integrity of its users’ personal information, and therefore maintains a technical and administrative staff to protect personal information from unauthorized disclosure and/or use and/or access of any third part. eCGlobalPanel Inc. and its users must use, disclose, protect, secure and maintain all personal information sent or supplied in accordance with any and all applicable international laws - federal, state and municipal, codes, and ESOMAR regulations.

4. Access to Personal Data and Update Policy

O usuário pode acessar tão somente suas informações pessoais com o objetivo de rever, corrigir ou excluir qualquer informação pessoal sua cada vez que acessar o website da rede com o seu perfil de usuário. Para isso, basta entrar na área logada, na seção Minha Conta. Seus dados serão atualizados automaticamente em nossa base de dados. Em casos de dúvidas, entrar em contato conosco pelo seguinte e-mail: suporte@ecglobal.com

5. Policy to Winners

Users previously registered on the site of eCGlobalNet® who participate in surveys, polls and other eCGlobal® promotional offers can win determinated prizes, as its corresponding regulation. All winners will be notified by e-mail and will have their names published on the network website. For more information, visit our Terms of Use page and Reward System page. Occasionally, we will ask a winner to grant us permission to publish his/her photo on the winners’ page of the eCGlobal® website and/or blog administered by eCGlobalPanel Inc.. We will never post a picture of a winner on our winners’ page without its prior written permission.

6. Members and Non Members

O eCGlobalPanel Inc. utilizaCookies quando o usuário acessa as páginas do site. Esses 'cookies' permitem ao eCGlobalPanel Inc. reconhecer os usuários que já se registraram em nossa rede e, desse modo, evita que eles se registrem a cada nova visita. Se desejar, o usuário pode configurar o seu navegador e impedir a instalação de 'cookies' em seu computador e em seu disco rígido (veja as instruções no manual do navegador). Não é necessário que o usuário aceite os 'cookies' enviados pelo eCGlobalPanel Inc. para entrar e usar o portal. No caso de não habilitar essa opção, será necessário que o usuário identifique-se cada vez que usar os serviços.

is allowed to eCGlobalPanel Inc. invite participants to participate in surveys or promotions through external links. The eCGlobalPanel Inc. is not responsible for the content and the privacy policy of these pages (links) external .

Children’s Privacy Protection
eCGlobalPanel Inc. believes it is important to protect the online privacy of children and therefore encourages parents or guardians to spend time online with their children to participate and monitor their internet activities. In general, eCGlobalPanel Inc. will not collect any information from individuals under the age of 14 without prior written permission. from their parents or legal guardians. However, there may be exceptions depending on the country of research. eCGlobalPanel Inc. is always in accordance with the laws and codes related to the protection of children’s and adolescents’ privacy, including, as much as possible, ESOMAR regulations, and all international and country-specific laws in which the research occurs.


By submitting your personal information to eCGlobalPanel Inc., or through eCGlobal® websites, you signify your acceptance of this Privacy Policy. eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right at any time to make changes to this privacy policy, always publishing changes on the site for your science. Your continued use and interaction with eCGlobalPanel Inc. constitutes your full acceptance of this policy.

8. Issues / Questions / Complaints / Information

No caso de quaisquer problemas, dúvidas, reclamações ou se quiser obter informações adicionais sobre as práticas de privacidade da eCGlobalPanel Inc., entre em contato pelo e-mail suporte@ecglobal.com. Recebemos e respondemos cada e-mail individualmente, por isso, disponibilizamos um prazo entre 24 a 48 horas.

Mailing Address: 1680, Michigan Ave – Suite 700, Miami Beach, FL. 33139 USA

Last updated on: July 2015

Rewards System

Types of rewards

The eCGlobal® award policy applies to all eCGlobalPanel Inc. award programs.

The eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to change its awards' policy without notice, hence the importance for the participants to be always updating themselves about it. The implementation of activities on all networks that are part of eCGlobalPanel Inc. and participation in research sets the acceptance of awards' policy and changed conditions that include:


Of the Award Types

There are different types of awards to be enjoyed by any user who is registered in any of the communities developed by eCGlobalPanel Inc. and partner companies as long as the type of award is available in the country of residence of the user.

1.1 – Cupons de Sorteio

Constituem-se cupons de sorteio os benefícios dados aos usuários, onde ele irá concorrer a prêmios estabelecidos previamente pela eCGlobalPanel Inc.. Para receber qualquer um dos cupons disponíveis para os usuários, faz-se necessário seguir as seguintes regras:


A) To participate in the surveys and receive one of the types of drawing coupons, the participant must be older than 18-years-old and have the profile required for the study that it is being requested. Drawing Coupons are not available for users that have as residence Brasil or Venezuela.

B) In the case of eCSurvey coupons given for participation in surveys, to compete for the prize you must pass through the filter questions and answer all the mandatory questions. If the participant does not complete all questions, (s)he will be unable to submit the survey, and, consequently, his/her participation is invalid.

C) The drawing is automated through the sponsoring company eCGlobalPanel Inc.’s systems. In the case of eCDay coupons, it happens every last Friday of the month. As an eCSurvey, it happens on the date specified in the survey rules.

D) The winner of the prize, after the draw, will be contacted by e-mail for the confirmation of his personal data and (s)he will have 7 days to provide the requested information, otherwise (s)he will lose the right to the benefits. For further information about this requirement, adress to the item of Redeeming the Prize.

Types of Coupons:

1.1.1 eCDay coupon ensures the right to participate in monthly prize drawings, conducted among eCGlobal® participants. To receive an eCDay coupon, the user must perform specific activities such as:

Register with eCGlobal ®, and activate account (double optin);

Complete the advanced profile in any of the eCGlobal ® communities;

Invite friends who activate their accounts (double optin);

Have completed a sponsored or internal profile survey quota full or screener

Have exchanged 50 (fifty) eCPoints from his/her balance in exchange for 01 (one) ecDay coupon.

Have participated in any activity that has, as a prize, an eCDay coupon.

1.1.2 eCSurvey Coupon is a drawing held only among people who participated in a specific survey. The prize to be drawn varies according to the survey and could be, for example: iPods, digital cameras, MP3 players, Laptops, Netbooks, GPS, Webcams, among others.

1.2 – Incentive Award

The 'eCGift' serves as an incentive award, which is a specific and individual award that the participant can receive if (s)he responds to more complex, longer studies that require more specific profiles. eCGifts may be, for example: Paypal credit, money recharges for your cell phone, movie/theater tickets, gift certificates, among others.

O participante só receberá o prêmio se tiver o perfil qualificado para participar da pesquisa e preencher todas as perguntas presentes no estudo, concluindo-o por completo, e chegando à tela de 'complete';

If the eCGift is a gift certificate or Paypal credit, the value varies with the complexity and duration of the study. The gift coupons always belong to providers located in the participant’s geographical region.

1.3 – Points and Incentives System

Two currencies are also within the category of points and incentives. They are distributed to participants according to certain activities completed in eCGlobal® communities, including partner communities.

1.3.1 Diamonds are an exclusive eCGlobal® currency that gives users social status in the network and allows them to receive bottons for certain categories of completed activities (number of friends on the network, number of completed studies, number of comments made in any community and communities they are a part of). The accumulation of Diamonds allows the participant to have a ranking related to all participants registered on the network, and have some privileges given when the user reaches certain levels (Beginner, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Diamond). To earn the Diamonds currency, participants must perform the following activities:

- Signing up for eCGlobal ® and activating your account (double optin);
- Verifying your complete account to ensure your profile identity (Get Verified);
- Exchanging bottons in the existing categories;
- Al responder a una encuesta, pudiendo ser perfíl avanzado, encuesta interna o externa.
Information about the number of points earned in each of the activities, categories and bottons can be found at the Awards section.

1.3.2 eCPoints is an eCGlobal® currency that participants can exchange for products and services or donate to social causes and partnered Non-Governmental Organizations. Because it is a currency of exchange and donation, it has specific rules that all network participants must understand. To earn eCPoints, participants must perform the following activities:
- Complete a sponsored activity (more on this activity in Accumulation, value, and redemption of eCPoints).
- Responding to Sponsored Questions;
- Invite a friend who completes a survey;

The activities that allow the accumulation of eCPoints may change at any time, based on the requirements of eCGlobalPanel Inc. These activities will be directly defined by information and notifications through the Web and / or these rules. Information on the number of points accumulated in each of the activities is in the Awards section.

Details of the accumulation, value, and the redemption of eCPoints


Details of the accumulation, value, and the redemption of eCPoints

2.1 - About the accumulation eCPoints through Sponsored Activities

Em se tratando de um participante, este receberá os eCPoints para as atividades relacionadas no item 1.3 – Sistema de Pontuações e Incentivos. No caso da atividade 'Participar de uma atividade patrocinada e/ou perfil avançado', já especificado, o participante deve ficar ciente das importantes regras para acumular pontos.

2.1.1 – Sponsored Activities are understood as: Surveys, Discussion groups, themed forums, competitions, product reviews, etc. that are performed by request and by external client contracts.

2.1.2 – The eCPoints given for available surveys are valid only for the surveys developed by external client contracts (Sponsored Research). For the purposes of the award policy, eCGlobalPanel Inc. does not consider as "correct" questions that are not answered clearly and without misunderstanding, or that do not make sense. – eCGlobalPanel Inc. is under no obligation to select any participant to answer the survey questions requested by external clients. Those selected to participate in research follow the requirement patterns demanded by eCGlobalPanel Inc. customers and its random selection of those who are eligible. - When a survey does not involve points (in internal research cases), such information shall be clearly stated at the beginning of the study. - The eCPoints will be registered in the participant's account within 30 (thirty) days of the survey’s completion, can be redeemed while they are available in the participant's account, within the maximum time allowed. The eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right, without notice, to audit and validate transactions in the points distribution system. In case of error detection, fraud, or violation of the system, it can make necessary corrections and adjustments in releases, communicating to affected users, within 30 calendar days

2.1.3 - All eCGlobal ® members who maintain an active account can accumulate points by completing Sponsored Research. Participants should be aware of the participation rules and practices and the printed penalties for any violation of said rules and practices. - The minimum age requirement for participants is 18 years old; - eCGlobalPanel Inc. employees cannot participate in any type of research or receive awards. - Each eCGlobal® account belongs only to the person responsible for its network registration, being the only authorized person to use it. If the account is used by someone else, this constitutes unauthorized use, and may result in account cancellation and the loss of accumulated points. eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to cancel accounts and their respective points in case of violation of this rule or any regulation of this policy.

2.1.4 - The points will not be counted in favor of participants if: - The participant responds to a survey more than once, using more than one name or different e-mail address. - The participant is responding to a survey insincerely (for example, with confusing or meaningless answers).

2.1.5 - eCPoints are personal and nontransferable, except by written permission of eCGlobalPanel Inc. These points do not constitute a property right, which is why they cannot be sold, transferred, or used on behalf of third parties, unless by a written authorization from eCGlobalPanel Inc.

2.1.6 - The total eCPoints to be assigned to a sponsored research or activity can range from 2 to 1,000 eCPoints. It is up to eCGlobal determine the amount of points will be awarded in a survey or activity, based on the number of questions to be answered by the participant, or effort to complete the activity (eg evaluation of a video or film, visit to an establishment , etc.). The user must be in accordance with the amount of points specified in the rules and invitation of the research in question, so he can participate on it.

2.2 The value of eCPointseCPoints are the only eCGlobalPanel Inc. currency that allows the user / participant of the network to exchange it for products available in the Online Store. To make the exchange, the user must have a minimum of eCPoints that have been accumulated by completing specific activities (more on activities that award eCPoints in item 1.3.2. There is an eCPoint value set in advance by eCGlobalPanel Inc. for each activity.

2.2.1 – eCGlobalPanel Inc. is responsible for pre-determining the values of eCPoints awarded for each eCGlobal® activity and the communities that are part of it. Currently, the value adopted for the eCPoints is the equivalent of: 100 eCPoints = US$ 1 (one U.S. Dollar) - eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to modify them, and may increase, decrease, delete and / or add, when necessary, reporting on user changes through the communication channels available;

2.2.2 – For internal or external surveys (Sponsored Research), the values of eCPoints are not fixed but are disclosed to the user at the beginning of the survey, along with information about the study; - In case of any technical problems or human or system error, the eCGlobalPanel Inc. may revise, by the user's request, or on their own, without notice, the amount of points assigned to a research or activity by informing the usuáro on any correction or adjustment required

2.3 Redeeming eCPoints

eCPoints can be redeemed at our Online Store according to the minimum values of accumulated eCPoints and the products available.

2.3.1 – The total accumulated eCPoints can be viewed in your private eCGlobal® account. eCPoints will be available for redemption for a maximum of 02 (two) years from the time they are registered in the participant's account.

2.3.2 - The participant may redeem eCPoints at any time, whenever (s)he has the minimum number of points required to exchange for any of the awards.

2.3.3 - eCPoints can be redeemed through methods selected by eCGlobalPanel Inc. - eCPoints are not negotiable, nor may be the object of transaction or any other business. The sale of eCPoints or any other award resulting from eCGlobal awards program is forbidden. - The chosen prizes cannot be exchanged, returned or substituted for monetary currency (money). - The value of the prize selected must be equal to or less than the amount of points accumulated in the participant's account, not exceeding the number of eCPoints in his/her account. The redeemed eCPoints will be automatically debited from the participant's account. The eCPoints not used remain available in the participant's account for future redemption.

2.4- Award administrationeCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to suspend, terminate, re-evaluate or modify without notice any part of the value structure and points program offers. In the case of termination of the points program, the participant will be informed, having two (02) months to redeem the points.

2.4.1 - eCGlobalPanel Inc. is not responsible for any injury, loss or damage resulting from acceptance, possession or use of any eCPoints, its financial value or even awards attained through the eCGlobal points program.

2.4.2 - If the liability of eCGlobal becomes limited or excluded by the preceding provisions, this will also apply to the legal representatives of eCGlobal, employees and indirect agents.


The eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to monitor all activities of the members regarding the payments and exchanges. If required by law, if you have violated our Code of Conduct, or if your account presents signs of fraud, abuse or suspicious activity, your account as a member may be terminated and all accumulated values can be canceled or forfeited. If you have performed any fraudulent activity, eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to take any necessary legal action and may have grounds to cancel or confiscate any rewards converted as a result of such activity

3.1- Also, it may be liable for monetary losses caused to eCGlobal, including litigation and severance costs, and can not participate in the eCGlobal in the future. If your account does not accurately reflect your balance, the eCGlobalPanel Inc. reserves the right to correct such errors. If you have received payment by mistake or if you believe your account was a member of suspicious activity object, immediately contact suporte@eCGlobal.com. If you determine that you have been a victim of fraud, the values that you received will be transferred to a new member account

3.2. Any third party claims shall be the sole responsibility of the participant, who must take any and all legal and procedural responsibilities in relation to the complaint, exempting eCGlobal, its shareholders, managers and employees from any liability, expressly agreeing with the possibility of eCGlobal indicating the name of the participant who violates this regulation in case of filing of any action or claim, judicial or extrajudicial, proposed by third parties against the eCGlobal or any of the parties involved in promotional activities

3.3. It is strictly prohibited to use systems, software and other tools or mechanical methods, automated, repetitive, programmed and / or similar that create navigational status or participation considered by eCGlobal as malpractice, unfair or that go against the objectives of promotional activity . The eCGlobal, through its judging comission, may, in its sole discretion, suspend or exclude the participant in the case of suspicion or evidence that he benefited from any form of such device, although their participation is not result of using such devices and / or has been made with intent to defraud the rules of the relevant promotional activity regulation.

3.4. Considering the characteristics inherent in the Internet environment, eCGlobal is not responsible for interruptions or connection suspensions caused by acts of God or force majeure or other cases not entirely subject to its control, such as items of information lost, delayed, incomplete , invalid, lost or corrupted, which will be disregarded.

3.5. In case of suspension of any of the channels of promotional activity, by Internet network access problems, intervention of hackers, viruses, software and hardware failure, power failure or due to acts of God or force majeure or for any problem which the eCGlobal has no control, will not be due any compensation to participants, given that as soon as the situation is normalized, the promotional activity will continue.

3.6. Participants declare, for all purposes of law, that the promotional activities undertaken by eCGlobal will not be confused with any type of contest and promotion, not fitting, therefore, any award or payment for their participation or selection of their contents.

3.7. Occurring a situation of force majeure that justifies and by dissemination to interested parties, eCGlobal reserves the right to amend any document and / or regulation on the corresponding promotional activity at any time and independent of any prior authorization from anyone.

3.8. The eCGlobal reserves the right, at any time, terminate or extend the promotional activities carried out by it, by giving notice of ten (10) days, ensuring participants the rights acquired until then, with due regard to the rules of the respective regulation.

In case of legal dispute jurisdiction is atributed to the U.S Courts of Justice despite of the existance of more than one defensor or the participation of third parties IN THE EVENT A DISPUTE is ascribed to the jurisdiction of U.S. courts, REGARDLESS OF THE EXISTENCE OF MORE THAN ONE DEFENDER OR THE INTRODUCTION OF THIRD PARTIES.

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